Do I need permission to link to your tutorials?
A: YES!, please be respectful enough to email me under the contact section
if you would like to link to my tutorials. In the email include the link to the group you want
to use my tuts in and the name of the group. Only managment of the group can ask for permission.

Can I use your supplies in any other tutorial or tag?
A: No, my supplies can not be used with any other tag or tutorial without my writen permission.

Can I share the link to your site with friends?
A: Oh yes please do, link them to the homepage, not the tutorials.
Get the word out about the new site and store.

Can I share the tags I make with your tutorials?
A: Well sure ya can, the idea is mine, but the tag you make is yours to do with as you want.

Can I translate your tutorials?
A: No, none of my tutorials are allowed to be translated.

Can I share your scrap kits with my family member/friend who lives with me?
A: No, you may not share any of my kits rather they are PTU or freebies with anyone. But with this rule there is an exception.
for example...If say you buy a kit of mine, and your husband makes tags too, then he is allowed to use the kits you buy of mine. It can only be husband to wife, wife to husband or your children that live in your home. But you must contact me with the names of your husband/wife or children so they can have there own license number.
If you have any more questions on this, please contact me at anytime.

I have an idea for a kit, can I email you about it?
A: Oh yes!!!!! I am always looking for ideas. And if I use your idea, I send you the kit for free.

I seen a group sharing one of your kits, what do I do?
A: Please contact me anytime when you see people doing this.
What people don't understand is this is more then a hobby to some of us. This is a way we pay our bills. I don't think someone would like me coming into there home and taking part of there paycheck without asking.
So its the same thing, when you share a PTU item, it is stealing. And is punishable under the copyright law.

I bought a kit, and I can't see it when I open it.
A: Please contact me anytime you have a problem, I will do my best to fix the problem.
If for some reason the kit is not working I will replace with another kit of the same value. I can not offer refunds for these are downloadable items and I have no way of knowing if the kit was bad or not.

I purchased a kit and I don't like it, can I get a refund?
A: No, I do not offer refunds for this reason.
The products you purchase in the store are downloadable products. So I can not get the product back from you. I know alot of people would be honest, but some wouldn't be. And if I gave the refund, they would still have the kit. So I do not do refunds.

My crashed and I lost all my kits?
A: I understand things like this happens. I have had it happen to me. In this case, email me the names of the kits with your reciept number so I can verify your purchases. And I will replace them.

More to be added soon