*I Love My Cat*


Supplies you will need

Paint Shop Pro. I am using version 8
Animation Shop
Toadies -Weaver
Tube of choice. I am using ©Elias Chatzoudis
You can purchase his tubes at Here
Scrapkit by Monti - Please go HERE to download Monti's
Dog and Cat scrap kit I used in this tut.

No other supplies needed.

Start by opening a new 600x550 image.
flood fill white, you can resize later.

on your color palet Foreground a color from your tube
background none.

Use your preset shapes nut Width 6. 
And draw a shape about the size I have mine.
convert to raster layer.

Go to the scrap kit and find a paper that you like.
Click inside the preset shap you just did
selections/ modify/ expand by 2
add a new layer and copy and paste into selction your paper.
move this layer below your preset shape layer.

Clorize the paper to match your tube.

Back on your perset shapes layer
add a small drop shadow

Use your preset shapes again
but this time change your line style to
ball-fleaur de lis dashed

Make a bigger shape around your fist shape
see my tag as an example.
Convert to raster layer and use your
lasso tool and select around the middle circle and
hit delete on your keyboard.

Repeat this step again,, except
change your color of your shape.
see my tag as an example.

Make sure you are on your top layer
and start adding some accent. see
my tag for an example on what you can use
and for placement.
Drop shadow all your accent.

Once you have it all like you want it.
Copy and paste your tube
drop shadow same settings you did before

X out your background layer and merge visable
all your other layers.

duplicat the merge layer.

on the origonal copy
use Todies - Weaver with these settings.
Cell width - 59
Cell Height - 48
Cell Edges on/off - 222

You can adjust the size of it if it looks to big.

Resize the tag to how you want it
add the proper copyright
and your name
save as jpeg


I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial

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