*Glitter Bunny*


Supplies you will need

Paint Shop Pro. I am using version 8
Animation Shop
dsb flux - Bright Noise
Tube of choice. I am using ©Keith Garvey
You can purchase his tubes HERE
Scrap Kits By Lynn at Scrappin Divas 
You can purchase Lynns kit HERE

No other supplies needed

Lets begin by open a new image 600x550
Flood fill white so you can see what your working with.
You can resize later.

Copy and paste the glitterdoodle as a new layer.
you will need to resize about 35%
and then keep resizing till it fits your tag.
Place it on the left of your tag.
Duplicate it, Image/Mirror
so that its on the right.
see my tag as an example.

Choose 3 different papers from the kit.
the ones I used were 19,23,26

Copy and paste one of the papers
resize it about 35% and keep resizing till
it fits nice on your tag.
Image / rotate / 15 / left.

Repeat the same steps with the second paper
except do not rotate.

Repeat the same steps with the third paper
and rotate / 15 / right.
Add a drop shadow to all your papers.

Copy and paste frame2 as a new layer
resize it about 35% and keep resizing till it fits your tag.
place it in the center of the papers.

Copy and paste the tube you are going to use.
Place the tube under the frame layer.
use your lasso tool and cut out any parts sticking out of the bottom
of the frame.
Once you have it like you want it
Go back on the frame layer.
add a drop shadow to the frame.
see my tag as an example.

Copy and paste the butterstiches
resize 35% and keep resizing till it fits your tag.
Place it on the top left of your papers.
name that layer butterfly stiches
see my tag.

Copy and paste eyelet 6 as a new layer
resize it 35%
and keep resizing till it fits on your papers.
Place it in the top left corner of your papers.
use your magic wand and click inside the center of the rings.
Go back on your paper layers and hit delete on your keyboard.
You want it to look as if its attached to the papers
and the ribbon is running through them.
drop shadow the eyelet.

Copy and paste doublebow1 as a new layer
resize it 35% and keep resizing till it fits your tag.
Place it on the right corner of your frame.
rename this layer double bow
drop shadow the bow.

Copy and paste the egg bundle,butterfly1b, ribbonbow2 and bunny1   
Repeat the same steps abouve for all of em
place them where you think they look best.
drop shadow each one.
see my tag for an example.


Use your lasso tool
be on your tube layer and lasso and jewlery and some of your tubes hair
make sure you hold down your shift key while doing this.
promote section to layer

Move to your butterflystiches element
while holding the shift key
lasso the edges of the butterfly wings.
Now the tube and the butterflystiches element should have
marching ants going around em. 
promote section to layer

Now move to your eggbundle layer
hold down your shift key
and lasso around the bow on the bundle
promote section to layer

Now you want to merge your
promoted to layer egg bundle,butterflystiches and hair/Jewlery 
rename this layer Glitter layer.
Duplicate it 2 times so you should now have a total of 3 glitter layers.

on the 1st glitter layer
dsb flux/bright noise/90
hit mix 1x

repeat steps for glitter 2 except hit mix 2x

repeat for glitter 3 except hit mix 3x

Go ahead and resize your tag.
add name and proper copyright

x out the 2 and 3 glitter layer.
make sure you are on your first glitter layer
merge visable your tag and copy and paste it into animation shop
as new animation

Go back to psp
undo merge
x out 1 and 3 glitter layer and unx 2 glitter layer
be on that layer and merge visable
copy and paste back to animation shop after current layer

repeat the same steps for glitter layer 3

Now view animation in animation shop
your tag should be glittery like mine.

Once you have it like you want it
save as new animation

I hope you have enjoyed doing my tutorial


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This Tutorial was written on 03/17/08
And the concept of the tutorial is copyrighted.
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