Supplies you will need

Paint Shop Pro. I am using version 8
Mura Mister - Copies
Tube of choice. I am using © Lacy Clagg
You can purchase it HERE
Scrap Kit By Mandy and Sam @ Passionate Scraps
you can purchase the scrap kit - HERE
Blinds Mask 1 By Monti at Monti's Pixel Playground
you can get mask - HERE

No other supplies needed

Lets begin by open a new image 600x550
Flood fill white so you can see what your working with.
You can resize later.

Copy and paste one of the papers from the kit.
resize to fit tag
Place in center of tag.

open up Monti's Blinds Mask 1
make sure you are on your paper layer.
Layers/New mask layer/ from image
then scroll down till you see the name of the mask
Source luminance and Invert mask are checked
Now delete mask and merge group.

Copy and paste the frame as a new layer
resize to fit your tag.

Use a close up tube and copy and paste as new layer
move it under the frame.
Now size it so none of it is sticking out from under the frame.

Copy and paste the charm
resize to fit tag.
place it up on the left side of the frame
and erase part of it so it looks like it hanging
from the frame.

Copy and paste the ribbon as a new layer
rotate it so its up and down
place it on the right side of the frame.

Copy and paste the bow.
resize to fit
place it at the top of the ribbon

Copy and paste the purse and the diva tag.
resize them both.
Place them where you think they look best.

Copy and paste another tube.
,ake sure its by the same artist.
place it where you think it looks best.
see my tag as an example.

Once you have it like you want.
resize the entire tag
add name and proper copyright
Save as jpeg

I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial

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And the concept of the tutorial is copyrighted.
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