*Butterfly Whispers*


Supplies you will need

Paint Shop Pro. I am using version 8
Alien Skins Xenofex 2 - Constellation
Tube of choice. I am using © Jennifer Janesko
You must purchase A License in order to use her work
you can purchase it HERE
Scrap Kits By Lynn at Scrappin Divas
You can purchase Lynns kit HERE
Mask of your choice - I used Beckys mask 022

No other supplies needed

Lets begin by open a new image 600x550
Flood fill white so you can see what your working with.
You can resize later.

Copy and paste one of the papers from the kit as a new layer
resize to fit your tag.

Pick your fav. misted mask
layers / new mask from layer / from image
scroll down on the list till you find the name of it.
then click ok. Delete your mask and merge group.

Copy and paste wrapped frame 1 as a new layer
resize to fit your tag
Place it in the center of your tag.
but move it up just a little so you have room for your other frame.

Copy and paste Branches flowers 3 as a new layer
resize so it fits nice to your frame.
Place it on the left side of the frame.
Duplicate / image / Mirror
and place the other on the right side of the frame.

Copy and paste the triframe as a new layer
resize to fit tag
and place it at the bottom of the other frame.
see my tag as an example.

Copy and paste the fancy frame from the kit.
resize to fit your tag.
you are going to want to duplicate it 2x for a totale of 3
you want em to look like the are holdin g the triframe
see my tag how I placed mine.
rename that layer fancy frames.

Once you have the like you want em, merge them 3 together.

Copy and paste your tube you are using as a new layer.
Place it over your triframe.
you are gonna want it to look like its looped through your frame.
see my tag as an example.

Duplicate your tube
move it under your fance frame layer.
Be on your fancy frame layer
use you magic wand and click in the center of one of the frames.
slection / modify / expand / 3
now go back to your tube layer
selection / invert / hit delete on your keyboard
selection none.

Now do this same step abouve till you have all the little frames done.
add a small drop shadow to all frame layers.

be back on your top layer

Copy and paste one of the bows from the kit
resize to fit.
place it in the center of your top frame.

Copy and paste the branch flowers 3 as a new layer again
resize it alot smaller
duplcate it
and place one on each side of your triframe.
see my tag as an example.

resize your tag
add name and proper copyright.

Once you have the tag like you want it.
merge tag visable.

Copy and paste one of the butterflies from the kit.
resize to fit
and place it where you think it looks best.

duplicate it several times.
but make some of them smaller.
Place them in random places of your tag.
x out your tag layer and merge all your butterflies visable.

Duplicate your butterflies 2x for a total of 3.
rename the layers Butterfly 1, butterfly 2 and butterfly 3
be on your butterfly 1 layer
and x out 2 and 3

Xenofex 2 - Constellation
with these settings below

merge visable your tag
copy and paste into animation shop as a new layer.

go back to psp
undo merge.
be on your butterfly layer 2 x out 1 and 3

Constellation / hit your random seed button
click ok
now merge tag and copy and paste after current frame
in animation shop

Go back to psp..
undo merge
repeat the same steps for butterfly 3.

Once you have it like you want it
in animation shop
edit / select all
change the frame properties to 15
if the tag is like you want it
save as new animation

I hope you have enjoyed doing my tutorial

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This Tutorial was written on 03-29-2008
And the concept of the tutorial is copyrighted.
Please feel free to LINK to the tutorial and/or print it out for your personal use,
but please do not copy it in any way to put online, pass out or re-write without permission.
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